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Blues Rock

Though blues rock does not really sound like your typical blues music, the fundamentals do borrow from elements like the 12-bar blues, a riff-oriented sound and extended boogie jams. Added to these are the classic ‘rock and roll’ effects of the....

Memphis Blues

MEMPHIS BLUES How It All Began Back in those days, talented but poor Memphis musicians could not buy musical instruments. That did nothing to dampen their spirits though, and instead they started using household items that no one knew could...

Texas Blues

Texas Blues The Texas blues originated when "Father of the Texas Blues” Blind Lemon Jefferson, then a boy in his teens, started playing at Dallas street corners all night. His style was distinctive, and paved the way for future talents like T-Bone

The Delta Blues

The first sounds of the Delta blues were the poverty-stricken African American’s soulful expressions of his life, love and everything else under the sun. While he was toiling in the plantations in the Mississippi Delta region, he found solace and...