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Blues Backing Tracks - your only antidote for the blues
'Blues Backing Tracks' is the Number 1 Blues Backing Track site on the internet for good reason! The long Blues Backing tracks are SERIOUS MEDICINE for your blues and allow you to get into a genuine, uninterrupted flow when you improvise.

No other Blues Backing Tracks do as much for you and your blues solos, and all of the Blues Jam Tracks are written and produced by professional blues musicians with ALL LEVELS of blues players in mind - From Blues Guitar players to Harp and blues pianists - people all over the world are drinking the only true antidote to the blues: 'BLUES BACKING TRACKS . COM' ! Here are a few testimonials from other users:


Andy martin ( 'Ivy League' guitarist )

Andy Martin of 'Ivy League' - Blues Backing Track fanAwesome - thanks! I especially like the slow one in G (Super Slow Blues in G), and the John Mayer Style track ('Out of My Mind Blues in D') really helps make my guitar sing when I play to it, which is very cool! :-)

Andy Martin
Los Angeles California 




Chuck said:

Hey Johnny L. ~ your tracks are GREAT !!!!! There are so mBlues Slide Guitarist Jamming to a fabulous Blues Backing Track!any folks who would pick these blues jam tracks up if they knew they were out there and could have a snippet to listen to on your website. It is so tasteful, you put in just enough "fancy stuff" to tease the listener to "go for it" without making them feel self conscious if they flub up cause they think someone is looking over their shoulder.Outstanding. I'm in line to buy any future tracks along this line cause I love the LONG cuts that let you really dig in and have fun.....your efforts are appreciated ....


Michael Moncur

Michael Moncur - Blues Backing Track aficionado!As an intermediate guitarist who spends most of his practice time alone, I find good blues backing tracks extremely helpful. Unfortunately, many of the blues backing tracks I've found are low-quality, often recorded without any actual guitars, and use very generic chords and riffs. Listening to these for hours on end while you improvise can be tiring rather than inspiring.

Johnny London's Blues Backing Tracks are different - they all sound like real music recorded in a studio, and they're fun to listen to even if you're not playing along. They use interesting chords, modes, and riffs to avoid sounding like generic backing tracks, and come in a variety of styles and keys.Each track is over 20 minutes long, so you have plenty of time to get into the groove and figure out what to play, but they never get repetitive or boring. Whenever guitar practice seems tedious, I start one of these tracks, and moments later I'm having fun trying out new riffs and melodies.

If you're looking for quality tracks for practice, or starting points for composing your own music, you won't find anything better than Johnny London's Blues Backing Tracks.

Michael Moncur

Brad Tallman:

Brad Tallman - Loves his Blues Backing Tracks!I LOVE YOUR BLUES BACKING TRACKS!

I have spent hours (and I really mean HOURS) playing to your tracks - I love 'Pony Express'!! I also really love the Blues Funk in E - great for me as a guitarist...

I have seen a marked improvement in my overall playing too - I can really let go and enjoy myself because the tracks are so long - which was the reason I bought them in the first place, but I'd like to say thank you, I'm telling my musician friends about your Blues Backing Tracks as well....

Thanks again!

Brad Tallman
Billings Montana


Ernst De Villiers:

Thank you for an excellent blues backing track!

I have quite a few tracks for exercise and just some fun but always come back to this one (Jazz Funk 12 bar in D) as my nr 1.

I like the rhythm and general feel and it allows for excellent (harp) improv.

Thanks again and regards!

Ernst de Villiers
South Africa

Mik Hartwell


I am extremely pleased with the Blues Backing Tracks I bought from you - I'll come back for more when I've worn 'em out :)

The 5 backing tracks I've downloaded are great! :) Finally I can practice with *real* backing. 20 minutes is just right for me. I'm pretty much a beginner, but I've already seen progress with my comping and lead work after my first couple of hours with your tracks. Great stuff! The tracks are an excellent learning tool.

I'm really crazy about 'I am the funk', love those meaty, chunky chords!

Thanks for your help & the super Blues Backing Tracks!

Mike Hartwell

Ray Thom:

These backing tracks are Great! What sets them apart from others is their length. Instead of having a track that lasts 3-5 minutes, these are 20-30 minutes long and really allow you to settle into a groove. In fact, I play them back-to-back and really get some good playing done. Comparison shop and you'll find that Johnny knows what he is doing and really caters to the musician who just wants to play.

Ray Thom
Salt Lake City, UT

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