Trading 12's DOWNLOAD VERSION Monster Blues Backing Track Box Set

Trading 12's DOWNLOAD VERSION Monster Blues Backing Track Box Set

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  • Over 4.5 hours of Professional Blues Backing Tracks
  • Keys A, A/#Bb, C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, E, F F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab !
  • Each Track is OVER 20 minutes Long!
  • Ideal for Someone ready to MASTER the Blues!
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Trading 12s - 12 Twenty Minute Blues Backing Tracks Compilation by bluesbackingtracks

Trading 12's is a Blues Backing Tracks Phenomenon available only right here in Digital Download Format! The acclaimed collection of the longest, coolest, grittiest Blues Backing Tracks and Blues Backing Tracks . com is a best-seller and will help you blow your blues out of the water!

A sweeping 'analysis' of the blues, Trading 12's has fired the imaginations of Blues Players the world over and this is the SERIOUS MEDICINE that YOUR Blues Playing NEEDS!

This Classic collection; each of the 12 blues backing tracks over 20 minutes in length, covers all 12 keys with assorted styles and interesting tempi, is essential for your Blues Improvisation Improvement!

Can you play the blues? I mean really PLAY the blues?

When was the last time you had the chance to cut loose when you improvised? And I don't mean a dinky little solo that you try and hack out while jamming with beginner musicians or other low grade Blues Jam Tracks, or a stolen 30 seconds here-and-there trying to jam with other recorded artist's music. I'm not even talking about blues jam nights that you can wait all evening to play at and then only get a couple of passes to show everyone what you're made of.


The kind of blues solos I'm talking about, and that the tracks here at Blues Backing Tracks allow you to create are deeply relaxing, inspiring and even life-changing improvisations that are almost as invigorating as a week at a health spa!


I'm talking about REALLY getting into a serious blues music groove, and having the time and the freedom to experiment to your hearts content with professional musicians willing on your every phrase.


I'm talking about providing a musical foundation that will allow you to rise to the lofty summits of your blues improvisatory greatness!


Let's get the problems out of the way first.


When I first started out on my musical journey, some of the biggest problems I had as a beginning musician who wanted desperately to 'jam' were:


  • Lack of material to jam to
  • Lack of people to jam with and
  • Unsuitable places to jam at!

And as I matured into a professional musician, now with over 20 years experience, and as somebody who teaches and produces music full time, those problems didn't disappear, they went from being just my problems, to being problems for all of my students too!


So I set about solving the dilemma by



  • Recording relevant, good, cool material
  • With professional musicians
  • So me/my students/you can jam in the comfort of your own home and REALLY let loose when you improvise


And the 'relevant material' became the Blues Backing Tracks found here on the site and in compilations like Trading 12's. 

So how do the Blues Backing Tracks on 'Trading 12's' solve my 'blues' problems and promote the kind of life-changing playing you were talking about?

Well the main reason is their length - this is the HUGE factor in getting into the incredible grooves that are on offer when you jam to these blues tracks - and the long takes stay interesting from the outset, they swell and thin out when they need to, and that dynamic range lets you really communicate with the music. And the blues is ALL ABOUT CONVERSATION/COMMUNICATION/COMMUNION - the Call and Response/Question Answer phrasing is what the blues is all about!


So the blues Backing Tracks on sale at have solved what are the biggest issues for blues musicians from beginner to advanced


  • Time (full length tracks are OVER 20 MINUTES!)
  • Convenience and Ease (Push play and you can be jamming away)
  • Professionalism (Recorded mixed and mastered professionally by expert players/performers)

And it's with this philosophy that all of the tracks on are presented.


Trading 12's is exceptional!


I can confidently say that Trading 12's is truly remarkable!


Trading 12 is exceptional in that no other blues backing track provider has ever (and probably never will!) presented such a unique collection of tracks.


No other producer has taken into consideration the needs of aspiring blues musicians in the way that I have.


No one has ever produced a digital download blues phenomenon that covers:



  • All 12 keys - so you can improvise over the WHOLE fretboard, knowing where to solo in any and every key is a powerful tool!
  • Many different styles - no getting stuck in a single style rut!
  • Classic tracks - Blues Backing Tracks inspired by standard Blues Tunes (Perfect for Jam Nights!)
  • LONG Tracks - this is the MAGIC ingredient of my Blues Backing Tracks! Long Takes = HOURS of FUN - Each of the 12 tracks is OVER 20 MINUTES LONG!
  • Assortment of Tempi - from 50bpm - 160bpm each track presents it's own unique Treasures and challenges!
  • Over 4.5 hours of blues improving blues backing tracks!



As a guitar teacher, I needed Blues Backing Tracks to help students learn how to improvise and that is how this site was born - out of a need to serve musicians like you with my talent, intelligence and creativity and provide them with a professional springboard to IMPROVE their playing (and even their lives to boot!)

Listen to the tracks found on Trading 12's:


1. Byther Smith Style 'Dont Like To Travel' Blues Backing Track In A 50bpm All Tracks 21 minutes 19 seconds -1 Minute Sample:

This 'Classic Blues Backing Track' is Inspired by the Great Byther Smith and the song 'I Don't Like to Travel' from the album 'Throw Away The Book' . It's a slow burning blues in the key of A, and gives you the space to really open up yourA Pentatonic Scale Blues Scale solos over. Recorded in a 12/8 'tripletized' groove you can literally bleed the blues all over this track! Ideal for Blues Guitar players and other musicians looking to improve their blues solos using the A Blues scale.

2. Otis Rush Style 'Cant Quit You' Blues Backing Track In Bb 50bpm All Tracks 21 Minutes 18 Seconds - 1 Minute Sample:

Another slow-turning, heart-rending blues backing track, this time in the key of Bb and inspired by the legendary Otis Rush. 'I can't quit you Baby' is another of Blues Backing Track's 'Classic Blues Backing Tracks' and will allow you to carve out some beautiful blues solos in the key of Bb.

'I can't quit you baby' has been covered by bands like Led Zeppelin and other artists like Buddy Guy and BB King and is a great tune, and a great track to jam to. Remember, the only cure for the blues is to PLAY the blues, and there's no better blues backing tracks out there!


3. 'Mid Town Funk Down' Blues Backing Track In B 80bpm All Tracks 22 Minutes 56 Seconds - 1 Minute Sample:

Mid Town Blues picks up the pace a little and is a mid-tempo funk blues backing track in the key of B. The deliberately 'phat' bass line is like an old warm coat and will keep the chill of the blues at bay - this blues backing track is a great one to groove with and will inspire many great blues solos for pianists, blues guitar players,bassists, harpists or even drummers. Bear in mind, Blues Backing Tracks aren't only for blues guitarists - they're for all blues musicians and all of us have room for blues improvement!


CD 2

1. Funk Me' Blues Backing Track In C 120bpm All Tracks 24 Minutes 7 Seconds - 1 Minute Sample:
This Up-Tempo Blues Backing Track in C is cut in the vein of 'Couldn't Stand The Weather' by Stevie Ray Vaughan, while not exactly the same as that SRV Track, it bears a passing resemblance to that classic tune and will get you playing in the key of Cm, using the Cm Pentatonic Blues Scale to create some of your most electrifying Blues Solos that you've ever created!

2. 'Drivin South' Blues Backing Track In C# 160bpm All Tracks 23 Minutes 2 Seconds - 1 Minute Sample:

Driving South is an incredible track! And when I first heard the Jimi Hendrix version it completely blew me away! This track bears a similar feel and groove to both the Stevie Ray Vaughan and  Jimi Hendrix version and is a hard-hitting 12-bar-blues in C#m. Driven by some huge 'machine gun' Led Zeppelin style drumming this powerful blues backing track really pushes the envelope and will let you sweat some severe blues solos over - you'll be drawn back to this track repeatedly!

3.Earl Hooker Style 'Baby Gone Away' Blues Backing Track In D 88bpm All Tracks Full Length - 1 Minute Sample:

This Blues Backing Track is Chicago Blues in it finest hour - just a cool groove waiting to be tamed by your searing blues chops! Based on and in an Earl Hooker style this track will set your D Blues Scale on Fire

CD 3

1. 'Funky Monkey' Blues Backing Track In Eb 90Bpm All Tracks 23 Minutes 30 Seconds - 1 Minute Sample:
This track is again taken from the Texas blues leanings of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, also with a nod to Stevie's brother Jimmy Vaughan, this brutal blues funk groove sits nicely in the mid-tempo range and is IDEAL for guitarists who want to tune their guitars down a half step to Eb and let it flow as if they were playing in E (which is what Jimi Hendrix and Stevie would play in the majority of the time). Again, like 'Funk Me' in C, this isn't a true 'Classic Blues Backing Track' but one that has a resemblance to a track or style!

2. 'Die For The Funk' Blues Backing Track In E 80bpm All Tracks 21 Minutes 28 Seconds - 1 Minute Sample:

An uncompromising tour-de-force of Guitar driven brawn, this ruthless Blues Backing Track will have you screaming the blues and will not let you get away once it has you in it's formidable snare!  With a definite nod to Jimi Hendrix this gritty Blues Backing Track in E is one of my favourite tracks that I've ever written and produced - it just seems to 'get me' every time! I love jamming to this one and I know you will too - as a guitarist, the blues solos and licks seem to just fall out of my fingers to it!

3. Charlie Patton Style 'Pony Express' Blues Backing Track In F 125bpm All Tracks 25 Minutes 27 Seconds - 1 Minute Sample:

Hold onto your hats as the Pony Express in F is out of control! This Rockabilly/Country blues backing track will speed up your F Pentatonic licks an absolute charm. This blues jam track will ride you right off the rails at breakneck speed while taking you on a wild and exciting ride! Loosely Based on the Charlie Patton Track 'Pony Blues' you'll love jamming to this track!

CD 4

1. 'Funking Out' Blues Backing Track In F# 70bpm All Tracks 23 minutes 24 Seconds - 1 Minute Sample:
An almost dirty down-tempo funk  Groove Blues Backing Track in F# will let you negotiate this often unused key while laying down a foundation of cool Blues brilliance! Definitely a great track for those in need of playing in a less popular blues key. Using the F# Pentatonic Blues Scale (which starts on the 2nd Fret for Blues Guitarists) you can fashion some fantastic Blues licks in F#!

2. 'Santana Style' Blues Backing Track In G 85bpm All Tracks 22 Minutes 41 Seconds - 1 Minute Sample:

Stripped down Acoustic guitar driven Carlos Santana style 12-bar- Blues Backing Track In G! This track is a perennial favourite here on Blues Backing Tracks . com and will get you tearing out the blues in the key of G - a much loved key among blues artists. Created in the style of Santana opposed to being a 'Classic Blues Backing Track' based on a particular track of his, this Blues Jam Track will get your blues juices flowing for sure!

3.'The Blues Express' Blues Backing Track In Ab 85bpm 23 Minutes 48 Second - 1 Minute Sample:

Swung 12 Bar Blues Backing Track in Ab with a nod to The Doors 'Love me two times' and John Lee Hooker's 'Boom Boom'. Improvise using Ab pentatonic blues scale when playing to this cool (almost Delta Blues but more Chicago Blues style!) Blues Track.

Trading 12's is a BLUES-ENHANCING Set of 12 Twenty Minute+ Blues Backing Tracks and is SERIOUS MEDICINE for your blues, this incredible collection will inspire your playing for YEARS to come!


Now, there are a few "harsh reality" reasons that you may not be willing to make the small investment in your blues playing (that will pay HUGE dividends over your lifetime) and I've thought long and hard about them:


Reason 1:


I'm a beginner - there has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to learn how to improvise - I believe that saying you aren't ready is just disguised fear. When will you be ready? Next week, next year? Tomorrow never comes and yesterday's will steal your life away - now is the time for positive action!


Reason 2:


You are content with your playing - you can solo pretty well and you think you can cut it, and no doubt you can, but contentment is like an invisible barrier on the road to mastery - often you don't even know that this life-sucking feeling is holding you back from your true greatness. It's normally the most optimistic and successful people that invest the most in their improvement because they've already smashed the invisible barriers that hold everyone else back - they are quick to see the inherent value in something like 'Trading 12s' and even quicker in acting on making it a part of their playing routine.


Reason 3:


Security - All transactions are handled in a super secure fashion using Paypal and are backed by my 'No Weasel Blues Improving' 30 day money back Guarantee




The money - this might be a stopper for some, and that's understandable, but if you are unwilling to make this modest investment in yourself, your playing and your future playing success, I suppose that tells us a lot. Actions speak loudly - loudest to yourself, but loudly to others and the world at large, and the individual who is cheap about self investment sends a message.


The only sure way to keep your playing at the same level, is to keep doing the same things you've always done. I want you become a better musician and Trading 12's is about giving you the springboard to achieve dizzying brilliance in your improvisations, this special collection of blues backing tracks are the catalyst that will provide both the foundation and the freedom to become a better musician so you can soar to the giddy heights of musical excellence.


Improvising ignites parts of your brain that nothing else can touch, and you NEED to get this, you NEED to improve your playing, you NEED to grow musically, at whatever level you're currently at, you NEED to feel how amazing it is to truly let go and fly.

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